Mobile Greenhouse

At the intersection of art and architecture lives our Mobile Greenhouse. This seeming love-child of @tomfruin & @olsonkundig was assembled with salvaged pieces including Sunkist-steel-factory windows, a motorcycle trailer, an old factory hand wheel, a rooftop solar water tank, a kid’s single speed bicycle front/rear sprockets, a chain from a retractable entry gate along with new metal stock from @ims_metals and beautiful art glass from @pacificartglass. p.c. @garymossfoto

Function is elevated through beauty and now our herb garden is protected from the adorable bunnies of this Conejo Valley while the structure throws pools of liquid blue and green on the DG. All while re-using leftover parts, some of a bygone era. (Sigh. Oh, single-paned steel windows, we love you – even though you are completely energy inefficient) The parabolic angle-iron arch was critical to the design so we sallied forth through the tantrums it caused. As lovers of stained glass in general, we loved seeing this larger scale project come together.