About Us

“Sculpting poetic space can happen anywhere”

We are an inspired lot. We love building emotionally charged landscapes that shape and inflect one’s mood or imagination.

Sculpting poetic space can happen anywhere…in the entry vestibule to your home, in an oversized restaurant booth, at the cash register…and we think it should or why bother?

We’ll do most anything. Most of our experience on large upscale projects comes from Ms. Horwitz’s employment in one of the premiere architectural firms in San Francisco, Holt Hinshaw Architects, where she quickly worked her way up to the head of the residential division within 2 years.

She created Horwitz A+D in 2001 and has been designing for exclusive clients in Southern California since 2003. 60–70% of the work we do is residential and the rest is commercial, namely retail or restaurant endeavors—as these are the types of projects where our expertise comes in most handy.

We are known for the emotional and aesthetic impact of our built environments—which we consider vital to the success of any project. Our clients say what they enjoy the most about working with us is our creative energy, our passion, our work ethic and our responsiveness to their needs.

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