2,500 sq. ft. House
1,000 sq. ft. Covered Deck Area
3-Car Garage

This couple wanted a country farmhouse and all that that implies—the porch, the charm, the craft—but only one story please. Using the "Not So Big House" approach* we gave them a well crafted, unique and inspiring home.

By laying the house on the property in an "L" shaped, Wrightian-polliwog fashion, the house sculpts the backyard, provides an intensely private master suite and opens up the center of the house to simultaneous views of both the front and back yards.

At the interior, dramatically shaped ceilings, painted wood trim, niches and cubbies abound. A home that captures memories and imagination in its countless alveoli of space.

By using humble materials (fiber cement board siding, asphalt shingles, vinyl windows) and keeping the square footage under 2,500 sq. ft., we are able to splurge luxuriously in spots: a kitchen stone hearth over 27'-0" tall, over 1,000 square feet of covered deck space, a vaulted oculus in the living room and a zen, stone master nice it is to do more with less.

*The Not So Big House is the first in a series of best-selling books by author Sarah Susanka