Facade Remodel

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The existing building hadn't been touched in nearly 50 years. Spurred by the change in Camarillo's upward trending demographic and the desire for upscale tenants, the Wallace Family sought to make the building stand out along the boulevard in the Mission Style of Oldtown.

We told them that this is easily achievable when one actually does the Mission Style authentically. Inspired by an old photo of a Spanish ceramic factory and sales shop, we infused the facade with salvaged, carved, wood details from Santa Fe, hand painted tiles and an antiqued brick skin. The end result was a beautifully crafted building that shines brightly amongst all the "interpreted" versions of the Mission Style available for consumption everywhere.

The building was fully pre-leased before construction was finished - based, again, solely on the design of the facade. The lease rates have tripled; the family says they now have class "A" tenants and no competition up and down the boulevard.

The Wallace building is a perfect example of when good design is a great investment.