1,885 sq.ft. (before)
2,115 sq.ft. (after)

Featured in Fine Homebuilding
October 2009 Kitchens and Baths Issue

This couple loved the Arts and Crafts era—the wood, the hidden niches, the built-ins. Their 1950s ranch home had some of these elements but came with a too small dining room, a too wide kitchen, socially cut off from the rest of the house, and an overall dark, dank multi-colored-brick feel.

He wanted a hunting lodge, of course, and, while she appreciated the richness of stained wood, she needed more light and a touch of beauty.

We functionally solved their problems by adding 200 square feet to alter the layout. Aesthetically, we provided them with a vaulted, painted wood volume with skylights and stained moments. Built-ins were everywhere—the restaurant booth in the kitchen, the built-in benches in the living room that provide storage below and a wall of book cases that lined the living room. The Mackintosh elements of stained glass embedded throughout the woodwork are the cherry on the top. These blips of color brought the human touch, craft and warmth to the walls, columns, doors, cabinets and wherever they occurred.

A small addition that brought out the potential beauty the house had to offer.